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Tap, Ride, Tap – That is all there is to it

The smart way of travelling, all with your smart phone and three little taps. Tap and look for your ride, Tap and book your ride and Tap and complete your ride. Your tap brings the driver to you for the best riding experience of your life, each one better than the previous one.

No hassles of direction giving as your driver know exactly where you want to go. Payment completed via your credit card. Just sit back and enjoy your ride!


Service with a smile

Ever Ready, Anytime, Anywhere, Everyday

Wherever you want to go, irrespective of time, date and place, we are always ready. No waiting charges, no reservations, just our professionalism and courteous service.

At your service 24/7, we take pride in what we do and it reflects in our driving. Building a relationship with clients that goes beyond professionalism.

why drive with Utodaapp

Every ride is classy, comfortable and just for you.

We are currently operating within Boston and surrounding cities in the state of Massachusetts, MA.

Make your travelling experience a memorable one, we bring you the best on-demand cabbing experience. Pure comfort, luxury and style – the ultimate dream ride!


Normal and nice, we are the best.

Just For You, Just Like You

Ordinary people just like you and me are driving you places. Any city, big or small, any profession high paying or manual, whatever you do, wherever you are, can drive for us. From homemakers to students, from engineers to teachers, is all part of our driving family!